Video Documentation of Depositions

Genesis Media Group, LLC documents depositions with strict adhearance to the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) which governs videotaped depositions that are to be admitted as evidence in a court of law.

Attorneys around the country have found that video documentation is the best method to present the verbal, and non-verbal, statements made by a witness. When key witnesses are unavailable for trial, a video recording is the best possible alternative.

Our depositions are documented with attention to every detail. Proper exposure, clean audio, and properly time stamped originals are standard with our certified services. Microphones are used on all involved individuals to insure proper documentation.

For trial preperation our capabilities extend beyond simple taping at the deposition. Synchronized Court Reporters transcripts and duplicates on DVD/VHS/Encoded Files are popular with our ongoing client base.

Our on-site capabilites allow for original creation on-site in Mini-dv or DVD format. All depositions include an audio recording for the convenience of the court reporter, Tape Log, Objections Log, Certificate of Authenticity, and are fully labeled and packaged.

Emergency service is available with minimal notice. Please contact our office and follow the prompts for after-hours service.